September 30, 2017

CW Women vs Westshore

2451 Windsor Rd, Oak Bay, BC V8S 5H3

Location: Windsor Parkn (Arrival Time: 11:30 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada)))

CW Women Vs Westshore RFC

Windsor Park

The first of the day's triple-header.  ONly two years in but the rivalry has become intense with perennial champs still gnashing about their upset loss in 2015!  Early days, but we'll get a sense of how it will go this season for both squads.

CW Men Vs Westshore RFC

Windsor Park

The final of a trio of Home games which could easily see the club off to a quick start.  Westshore brings a strong rivalry to Windsor as they seek to push their cause of validity in The Bigs.

CW Men 1sts Vs Westshore 3

Windsor Park