Jason Lewis


Originally from Toronto, Jason played rugby across Eastern Canada in his younger days, and then for a stint in Australia and New Zealand.  His home clubs include the Toronto Scottish RFC and the 'world-famous' Gentlemen's Inter-Toronto Select (GITS) RFC.


Jason and wife Stephanie, along with their two children, moved to Victoria in 2016.  Raised in rugby, Jason followed the sage advice of former colleagues to connect with CW when he got to town.  A Kelowna Tour, some matches, 12 Bars of Xmas and an occasional stop-in to Friday's Happy Hour at the Temple secured new friendships and an invitation to join the Executive (most likely in recognition of better contribution to the club's financial oversight than actually securing clean ball in the ruck... though his lineout jumping was phenomenal!) 


Having spent more time in rehab than training, Jason decided to retire his boots in 2018 (Queeny says his brother has them).  Jason is now pursuing less concussive activities like rowing, running, cycling and spectating.  Helping to secure CW's legacy is Jason's way of emulating those who gave him support and a chance to grow through rugby over the years.