Erin Vipond

Vice President

Erin joined with CWRFC about five years back when she became involved, coaching her daughters at the U10 – U14 age grade level. At that time, she worked with Ed Knaggs, Aaron Cook and Olly Winser. Erin is a former player who played her rugby on the East coast and is an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces based at Naden. Since joining she has become committed to the club, enjoying the culture and all matters CW. Erin served on the Board before allowing her name to stand for V-P. Erin was elected as VP at the last AGM. She is a hard worker and has good ideas to help move the club along. It is a first for the club to have a female President- Elect. We are very proud of what Erin has done for the club and her work ethic over the past six years and feel confident of her leadership to keep us moving forward. ‘onya, Erin.