Dave Hill

Vice President

David is a graduate of the National Coaching Institute BC. He holds a Master of Science from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of PE from the University of Calgary. He brings over 20 years of coaching experience in alpine skiing and rugby, where he coached from grassroots to national team programs.


Beyond his coaching, David spent three years at the Coaching Association of Canada in Ottawa before moving back to Victoria to join the Canadian Sport Institute in 2006. David continues to be a key contributor to the development of the National Coaching Certification Program having played a lead role in the coach evaluation and the development of the new Advanced Coaching Diploma. He has enormous passion for legitimizing the role of coaching in Canada, by increasing the professional status of coaches and advocating for the value of coach education, coaching and athlete development.


The Club is fortunate to have such an experienced candidate to take on the position of President-Elect.  We look forward to Dave's leadership.