Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

Wednesday's Ruck & Maul


Today we draw attention to the completion of work done on a project initiated by the Coaching Association of Canada and adopted by Rugby Canada and the B.C.R.U.  Club Directors, Olly Winsor (player, coach, and teacher by profession) and Dave Hill (National Coaching Program, P.I.S.E.), have worked on the project.  The club is proud to make this public statement.  CW has always had a Participation Code however, new parameters related to all sports, require more expansive commitments to safety – mentally and physically.  It is hard to place one ahead of the other but with rugby, the attention to Concussion Protocol is probably foremost of all aspects related to Safe Sport.

Our banner includes mini players, along with current Club Director of Rugby, Ken Goodland (some yonks back).  Caroline Crossley and Jack Carson have both gone on to play for the National Sevens teams.  In conclusion, we urge all players and supporters to read over the Safe Sport Principles and adhere to them for the safety and greater enjoyment of all.

                                                   Day #1, Scoring Machine - JoJo Morra

Speaking of Sevens, the recent Dubai Tournament saw our Women’s team end up two spots from the basement and the Men, next to last, 11/12.  Both teams are going through a major re-structure.  With the Women, it is interesting to see Fiji and Russia with breakout growth and with Canada, it will be interesting to see if any of the ‘old guard’ will be brought back as the young guns are blooded.

The Men had a ‘CW presence’ with Josiah (‘Mercury Man’) Morra (tries in each game on opening day), Jarvis Dashkewtych and Lockie Kratz.  Kratz was an interesting selection, being MLR contracted with New Orleans.  This website will follow this move with intrigue.  Despite going 0 – 3 on Day #1, the men fronted in all three games but seemed to run out of steam.  Day #2 started okay with a win over Japan, then a final thumping by Spain was not good.  There is more depth around in this program – Captain Jake Thiel being injured early, Berna, Provost, Griffiths all injured and questions regarding where is Fuli, Isaac Kay and Pat Kay?  Are these men in, out, injured or rejuvenating? The rugby community deserves to know.  It seems like newcomer with potential, Jack Carson, may have been given dispensation to play in the National University Final.  So, it’s still in Dubai this weekend for Series #2 and another kick of the can.  Matches start on Friday and will be streamed on CBC.

Now to the University Championships Final – a snow covered affair between the west coast schools.  The Birds defeated the Vikes, 39 – 7.  A game that was close at the interval was blown open by UBC, running in a six-pack of tallies.   The Carson Clan featured prominently with UBC. Frank, voted Game MVP and CW “grads”, Jacko Carson, and Max Abercrombie (#2-point scorer in tourney), at the half-back/first five combo, led a team that had too many gunners on the day.  This was a short-priced odds prediction.  Well done both programs, and another crown for the UBC case. UBC’s ability to lucratively recruit with scholarships really seems to put them a cut above other programs and clubs as well, for that matter.

Stay tuned for news regarding both Women’s and Men’s Second Div. Island Finals this Saturday.