Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

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Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

Today, our blog features a bio of another one of CW’s U18 players, off to the U.K. – Carter White.

C.W. recently had an opportunity to catch up with Carter and pose a couple of questions.

What school do you attend?

C.W.: I’m currently in Grade 12 at Oak Bay High School.

When did you first start playing rugby?

C.W.: I started playing about seven years ago in minis at Castaway Wanderers.

What are some memories from your early days?

C.W.: I can remember playing in a tournament in Nanaimo and during one of the games I had come off the field because I had a bloody nose but after I had been taken care of I wanted to go back in so badly because I was having so much fun, so my coach let me finish the game.  I also remember my first game of rugby against the Velox Rugby Club and the feeling of confusion because I had no idea of what I was doing!

What representative honours have you earned?

C.W.: The Tide teams that I have represented have won gold and silver medals, most recently, a gold medal against the North Shore representative team.  At the most recent High School Provincials, I was awarded the Commissioner’s XV’s Award.  I think the most memorable was the first place B.C. U16 title game that CW won from Bayside two seasons ago after having lost to them earlier in the season.

What have been some of your more memorable games?

C.W.: I’ve mentioned the Bayside game but I will always remember last year’s Boot Game when the Oak Bay Barbs were down 22 – 0 at the half and we took the win by the end of the game, 26 – 22.  For CW, the most memorable game was against Wimbledon from the U.K.  I still remember thinking that match was the hardest I’ve ever played in.  That game has helped me push myself to higher level of rugby.

How do you see your future with rugby?

C.W.: Someday I can definitely see myself representing my country and I’m ready to push the limits to see how far I can go.

Well, we see the future being rosy for Canadian rugby after interviewing Carter.  CW wishes him well on Tour and in his final year at High School, where his leadership qualities will no doubt come to the fore. ‘onya, Carter!

FOOTNOTE: The CW Tour group will be in attendance at the Canada vs. Rumania game.  For any late-joiners to the group who may not have tickets, we have a bead on two for you via CW fan, Adrian Barwin, living in the U.K.  Contact Adrian for pricing.  Go, Ceedub, go, Canada!