Wednesday’s Ruck & Maul on Thursday!

Wednesday’s Ruck & Maul on Thursday!


                        CW Matches Upcoming, Saturday.

                               Women Premier Vs UBC, Windsor Park, 12:45.

                Men Premier Reserve Vs UVic Norsemen, Wallace Field, UVic, 1:00.

                               Men Premier Vs UVic Vikes, Wallace Field, 2:30. 

This Saturday, anticipation mounts as the Premier Women's team gears up to face off against the formidable UBC Thunderbirds squad in what promises to be an exciting match at Windsor Park.  UBC arrives with a daunting reputation, having recently clinched the prestigious University 7's Championship.  Notably, several star players from their championship-winning lineup are set to grace the field on Saturday, further solidifying the challenge that CW must overcome.  However, UVic clinched second place at the championship, and several players will be returning to the Tricolors.  CW will enter the fray with a hunger for a victory, following a recent setback against Westshore. With strong leadership from captain Temitope Ogunjimi, and the home field advantage, the Premier team is ready for an intense game.


For the men’s Premier, it will be a critical contest for both clubs.  Vikes need to win to continue their hopes for the playoffs, whilst CW needs to win to continue their hopes for a home field playoff berth.  One can be assured that the Premier men will hold no assumptions going into this match. The Vikes have been a mixed bag since their return from Argentina.  UVic will feature a number of CW ‘grads’, conversely, CW will feature a number of UVic grads!  This pundit hesitates to go out on a limb with a prognostication, however, I would put my money on the visitors.

  Grady Bowd Report Card

The MLR season commenced with Bowd starting at #10 for Washington DC Old Glory in a loss to New Orleans.  Bowd featured strongly in game stats; kicking metres (3); ball carries (4); running metres (5).  Week #2 was a good result for DC with a victory over last year’s Champs, New England Freejacks.  Grady started at #15. No stats to report.  Last week, DC tied Chicago with Bowd on the bench. (Credit to BCRN). Washington sits in 3rd place in the east.  In the west division, Seattle and Houston sit on top with undefeated records.

  Vancouver Highlanders Report Card

This site has kept followers abreast of the early day news from this venture.  CW’s Ollie Nott was the first player drafted for the franchise and Jacob Bossi and Tom Davidson have also been added to the squad.  The Highlanders have announced portion of their hoped-for, ten match schedule between May and August.  Matches start on June 28 Vs Canada ‘Selects’ and Barbados; July 21, Germany is on the slate, followed by Brazil, August 3, and a ‘Canadian XV’ on August 17. Venues have not been disclosed at this time.