Not Enough Superlatives!

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Not Enough Superlatives!

Well, Canada's dream run is over.  Fair go for the English - runners-up three times and today their defence was simply impregnable and Scarrat showed her class, as it should have been.  This pundit cannot offer sufficient superlatives for the effort throughout this campaign and especially, today, from Canada's Women.  Fittingly, Harvey was awarded IRB, Women's Player Of The Year, what an honor but what a talent! What a battle today between the two #7's.....Canada's Paquin was truly unbelievebale.  Her two try-saving tackles would be a credit to the highest echelon of player - female or male.  England's first try was a cracker, as good as anything one would see in any International action. So, we could go on.  I think Canada's tactics to force the pace with quick decisions, was mostly the right approach and almost paid off, for they had to find a way to upset the structure of the English game........and so it goes, with every viewer having an opinion.

Final comments from The Ruggernut (and Sophie, we saw you in the crowd!!), Leith, you are an absolute forced your opponent to bore in but unfortunately, did not get any calls on that and the whole FRF was gold. The loosies, again, toiled tirelessly, (was it five games in fifteen days or such??).  #10, Belchos, by far your best game in this big one, Alarie and Zussman, kudos.  Burkie and Marchak have been so good but the work took its toll a little today.  I loved Sugawara, who came on late at #9, another forceful Canuck lady. So, to each and every one of did Canada and yourselves very proud today.  Our heartiest congratulations and all the best for your future rugby (and life), careers.  Thank you. CW Rugby.

Canada's Mag Harvey...IRB Women's Player Of The Year....You Beauty!