National Age Grade Championships

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National Age Grade Championships

CW is proud to announce its more than fair share of boys and girls who will don the B.C. colors in search of a National Championship, starting next Wednesday at UBC.  In the B.C. Girls U16 Gold Team - Sophie De Goede and Caroline Crossley carry the torch and the B.C. Blue Team will include Miranda Llewellyn, Ally Bos, Cachelin Hall, Imogen White and Adrienne Graham.  Ontario and Alberta will round out this new age grade division.


This representation is the result of two seasons of hard work and development of the girl's program under the leadership of Dave (Bing) Crossley, Marley Riordan, Anna Schnell and the support of some terrific parents.  Good luck, girls.




The B.C. Mens/Boys teams will have a CW presence with Morgan Tate on the U18 squad, Jack Nyren playing for B.C. U17's a team which has been entered in the U18 competition.  The Boys U16 side will include Dante Morandin, Brennig Prevost, Gavin Kratz and (apologies), Simon Gray.  At the U14 level Jim Newman and Lachlan Kratz will be on show.  To all our guys, may you play well and make your team mates better and the results will take care of themselves.  Jolly good luck to all and a tip of the Ruggernut's cap!

Newman (on left of ruck) and Nyren in action.