Monday's Musings

Monday's Musings

(photo - Craig Thornber)


CW Men’s rugby had a successful continuance in the win column last Saturday.  The men’s Premier Reserves bested Cowichan by a handy, 38 – 5 score.  Captain, Kyle Hohert, led the parade with a hat trick and singles were added by Gabe Smith, Josh Mattern and Lucas de Vries.  A convincing space between the sides had been opened by the half, compliments of some efficient capitalising on Piggy errors.  Again, this week, Corbin and Wallace stood out.  In the backs, an astute display was offered by newcomer, Anderson. This result (3 – 4), has buoyed the lads for the next on the list, Westshore, currently ahead of The Tricolor but within reach to leapfrog.

It is hard to find sufficient superlatives to describe the men’s Premier game, one of the finest witnessed at Windsor in recent seasons.  It was an exhibition of good skills and uncompromising action.  Today’s report includes the match video for fans’ enjoyment rather than the customary blow-by-blow. (Click on the full screen icon.)


A scoreless first half had fans on edge as these two heavyweights slugged back and forth.  A correct captain’s call saw Sandner confidently slot opening points shortly after the interval, which turned out to be the ultimate difference-maker. I will opine a few comments.  Firstly, for the Pride.  I must dip the lid to the coaching staff, who almost weekly reconstruct their team after being constantly cherry-picked.  They do have access to pedigree and well done, clubs, releasing players without too much whining.  By buying in, the competition in theory, should be the better for it.  The Pride are big, well-conditioned and skilled. I must confess, I was baffled by the consistency of the grubber and chip kick, suitably marked and not the best tactic on the day.

I thought all the pack and subs impressed, being particularly adept at freeing the ball at the tackle and aggressively attacking the breakdown. I really cannot discern one over another, although I was very impressed with Klimchuk’s growth.  The backs were fast, handled well and were always a threat. Probably, their highlight, late in the fray was the successful, wide diagonal kick by the #10 (not sure who it was at the time) to the right winger, that kept the result alive.  So, thank you, for a most entertaining show.

To the hosts. Again, this week, there was much to like.  All six of the Front Row Fraternity earned their oats. That wily old veteran, Riley Ilnicki, never ceases to amaze and Humphries does best when the going is toughest. On this day, Nick Carson stood above the rest. His carries and work rate were relentless and uncompromising with one break in particular, so unfortunate to not produce a try.

This week, the halves were more poised, particularly, young Sandner showing more confidence. I really like the three centres. Sutherland, again giving an outstanding display and Nott, running a hard line for his tally upon entry.  The diminutive Schelly remains pure gold, his defense being almost without peer.  The back three did all they could and good to see, yet another newcomer, Mitchell, earn a start.  Also, good to see Corburn get some minutes in a match of this ilk. In all, well done, and thank you. At 3 – 3 the next step will be Westshore, in two week’s time.

Must give a shout out to the Referees Society, providing officials for a myriad of games.  Chris Assmus, for example, came from a couple of University 7’s games, to a Women’s Premier match. So, thank you to all the M – I – M, as well!


                                                                                (Credit - John Richardson.)

Just a summary about our women’s day at Windsor. We have not received notes and only captured the second half of the Premier match. It did not go well on the scoreboard for either team. The Reserves had another hard-working, and uncompromising effort.  They came out on the wrong end but will sally on, undismayed.  The Premier team led at the half, perhaps, somewhat against the oddsmakers opinions and they managed to hold Burnaby for a while in the second stanza however, a very forceful #12 eventually had her way and CW found themselves chasing the lead. It was Julia Schell, who showed why she was at the World Cup, when on strong solo effort she showed clean heels over some 45/50 metres to bring the score to 21 – 17 but that was as close as the ladies came, with the strong visitor’s squad moving away. This CW group has big gains to make to rival that of last season, in a competition where resources seem to have been shuffled to some unspoken accord, maybe “parity”?.  The ladies are committed, so we will see what works out.

                                                                                 (Photos - Craig Thornber)