Monday's Musings

Riley snags one at The Mac


It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…………

The “second half” of the season opened last Saturday with three CW teams in action. The men’s 3rd Div. Islanders visited the Brit Lions in Vancouver.  A club that merged from Ex Brits and Red Lions, some thirty years ago, and having their 90th Anniversary (Ex Brits), upcoming, the Brit Lions presented a significant challenge.  The final score line of 38 – 23 to the Hosts was an accurate account, although Captain Don, spoke of a few unforced errors by our lads that could have put it in the balance.  Well done Isles, on your first Vancouver Roadie.


At home, our women’s 1st Div. team opened their season against the Meralomas.  As was the case last season, fielding two teams proved to be massively challenging. It will be tough sledding whenever they come up against some of the stronger clubs such as Burnaby, Abbotsford, James Bay, Cowichan, and Lomas, who field a single side. The final score of 59 – 5 in favour of the Lomas speaks to the challenge.  This pundit gives bouquets to the ladies for accepting the challenge, with no whining, in order to aspire to the Premier level, accepting heavy losses whilst their individual game improves. The women are on the road next weekend when they visit Bayside RFC.

The men’s Premier Reserves were crosstown at MacDonald Park to face local nemesis, James Bay.  The Bays had schooled CW 33 – 19 and 62 – 12 before the break but it was not to be on this day.  The Divvies had a 14 – 0 differential at the half on tries by Sandner and newcomer, Wallace.  Three more were added in the second stanza for a 33 – 12 final.

We turn to our Sage on the Sidelines for a few comments. The Sage reports; “As usual, Captain Hohert, led by example.  Newcomer, Jack Wallace, not only opened the scoring but was impressive throughout.  Others to show were Ian ‘Weeman’ Hickman at #9, and newcomer Anderson, as his replacement.  Marshall Stove, for Sandner, will also be worth watching.  Veterans, Gord Kehoe, and Brandon Gerhardt stiffened the pack.”  Evidently, Gerhardt, after missing all of the “first half”, gave a huge presence with ball in hand.  “The Bays, as usual made the yards hard to come by but CW’s ‘giddy-up’ was too much on the day." Good timing to break the team’s bagel!!

Next Saturday the men face UVic in three games at Windsor Park – Premier, Premier Reserve and 2nd Div. With three games, it will be a true test of depth. There will be fun at the House, with a luncheon for club supporters and 20 Club members during the curtain-raiser.

New sponsor, Phillips Brewery, opens their relationship with a win!!

The NSMT Sevens reasonable display in Sydney but akin to the Bengals, registered some heart-breaking results, losing all five games and leaving them in a very tenuous position so far as relegation is concerned. The NSWT also remains in the cellar. Canada’s play may not have deteriorated that much, rather the play of the other countries seems to be leaving us in their wake. The next World Sevens event for men and women will be held in Vancouver.