Hornets in the House


  John Braddock will deservedly, Captain the Firsts tomorrow when they take on the Nanaimo Hornets at The House of Windsor at 2:30 p.m. It has been a long time between drinks for the men and The Faithful.  Speaking of drinks, there will be no license tomorrow and to view from the balcony you will require your proof of vaccination.  To the match.  We have no indication of what has been going on in the Hub City, however, credit to Nanaimo, they are bringing two teams to the fray. 

The locals will welcome the return of Gavin Kratz from UVic. We saw Gav for years as a junior and for a couple of return visits as a Vike that threw a cog into the CW works, so welcome home, Gav.  We have an exciting newcomer join the FRF, Alex Clark, a lad who has shown great enthusiaism in a couple of exhibition hit-outs.  The evergreen Kyle Hohert will link with Johny Humphries in the locks position, a pair of hard men who don't know the word "rest".  The backrow will feature some new players, linked at #8 by Finnie, ( a mystery as to why he's not with the Tide in Vancouver).  Mike always plays so well at Windsor and he will be a good foil for the newcomers.

The backs are an interesting combination, with Schelly being The Director in the centres. Jordan Tait, we know, at #10 and it is a big "step up" for him and he will be fed by an unknown at #9, Zach Pilgrim whose passing ability we have witnessed in exhibition games. Mike Makaroff is slotted into the centres this year and he and Schellie will be an enterprising pair.  Gus Porter gets the nod on one wing and this pundit believes he will not disappoint  Newbies, Elliott at custodian and Wicks on the other sideline, will be viewed with interest.  There are many shoes to fill from the last time we saw our Premier group play and great opportunities as club rugby becomes all the rage.

  Ollie Winsor will lead The Twos.  Olly has been an exceptional man around the club in the past two years, coaching girls rugby and servng on the Board in many capacities.  There are a number of proven hands, led by The Queen, Brandon Gerhardt, Al Howes at #9, John Kirk is back healthy with the loosies, the De Vries Brothers will delight in suiting up against their 'birth club' and Aiden Cole in the FRF has also returned from his studies at UVic.  There is a deep bench, led by Daumer who still finds it hard to give up the smell of linament and leather.  The Seconds kickoff at 1:00p.m. Welcome to all of the club's new players.  You have made a good choice.  Enjoy the games.  To those who have hung in there through Covid times because they love the game so much - 'onyas!  Go, Ceedub.


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