Another Kick of the Can

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Another Kick of the Can

CW Prems will visit McDonald Park once again this Saturday with the hopes of completing the job this time round.  It was a very even game last week which might have gone CW’s way with a quirk or two but it was not to be.  This week, it is to be hoped that the boys decide their own destiny.  It looks like the teams will face up pretty much with the same selections as they used last Saturday, so it will be the little things that will make the difference. 

Crossland at #10 has the ability to orchestrate the pass, run and kick and hopefully this week his speedsters outside can chase, to at least create more pressure.  His feeder, van der Wal, now familiar with Bay’s style, should provide even better and quicker service although last week had pin point accuracy, he was caught a few times as the scrum screwed.  He is a skilled performer and one suspects this won’t happen again.  The Front Row Fraternity this week will start Jake Ilnicki and all of the FRF starters or benchers will play a key role to gain the same advantage at the set piece that they displayed last week.  There will be a special moment to remember one of the FRF members that went before them, a man they did not know, Paul Baylis and they will dedicate their game to that man.

Albornoz has his second go round in the centers and will look to make even more of an impression on the rollicking romps he had last week.  Keenan Horton returns and has something to prove given his last match up with this team.  Anton Ngongo will be much more confident this week, having got out of his return game (and first at this level against JBAA), healthy and fullback, Ian Hickman who has been class, can also be expected to step it up this week.  The backs must exert more pressure on their opponents who were the superior set last week and the handling errors JBAA made which should have been punished were basically let-offs.  This pundit calls for more intensity and focus, sticking to the knitting and strengths.  CW has won two and JBAA one, in the battles so far this season however, this is the big one, determining a place in the Barnard Cup most likely.  Weather prediction nice and outcome nice as well, go, CW!


There are two other BIG games this weekend.  The U14’s will travel to Klahanie to take on the Caps on Sunday, in what we believe, has now become an officially sanctioned, B.C. Championship game.  Best of luck to Shaner and the boys.  This is a solid team and will give the home team a good run for their money.  Go, you Junior Tricolours!

The U18’s also play Caps on Sunday @ U.Vic’s Centennial Stadium at 2:00 p.m. in the Provincial Championship.  This side has been building towards this all season and these two clubs had a classic battle last year as U16’s.  It will be a cracker and hopefully you can pvr the Grey Cup to cheer the lads on.  To Spenny and the boys – go, you good things.

Two other games, the Women Prems play Burnaby, perennial B.C. title contenders for some seasons, so a good benchmark to measure our progress.  K.O., 11:00 a.m. Windsor.  The Ones play JBAA @ McDonald at 1:00.  The outcome is for bragging rights, so we’ll see if last week was for real.  Go Ceedub.


AFTERTHOUGHT:  It is fall cleanup time around our homes.  CW has a couple of good men who have already proven their worth to a number of club customers.  Looking for a good job @ $15/hour; phone 250 721 1527.