CW Boys U16

CW Boy's U16 team has had many successes in recent years, mainly as a result of being part of the continuum between U14 and U18 and extension of a successful Mini Rugby program.  The boys now compete against teams from the V.I.R.U. and the mainland. CW U16's were V.I. Champs in 2009/10/12/13 and won the B.C. Championship in 2013. The Head Coach is Kapi Vataiki, assisted by Premier players, Dustin Dobravsky and Doug Fraser. Kapi has coached the VIRU Tide and assisted at B.C. U16 levels and is a good mate of Dusty’s and Doug's, so we are expecting big things from this trio. These coaches will give players an opportunity to tap a massive amount of playing and coaching experience. Last season, these coaches prepared their lads to follow on this year as B.C. U18 Champs, following a V.I. Championship title. The boys will learn and have great fun this season. Boys registering for U16 this season will have their DOB as 2003 or 2004.






Boys U16