Kapai Vataiki

Head Coach - Boy's U17



Kapi returns to offer his leadership skills to the CW U17 program following a brief hiatus to complete his teaching degree at U.Vic. The current BC U14 coach is a real student of the game and translates his message with the clarity required for young athletes. Kapi is a typical ‘club man’ in that he not only coaches but plays for CW as well. The U15 boys get a real kick out of watching him play to see if he actually practices what he preaches!


He has coached the Jr Crimson Tide, U14, U15 and U16 teams for the past three summers and he is the current B.C. U14 Coach.   Kapi hails from Vancouver where he played U16 and U18 with the Wave and for B.C. Reps at the same age grades.   One suspects it will be a lot of fun lacing the boots for the U17's this season as Kapi will be joined by Mike Finnemore and Dustin Dobravsky.  CW is grateful to have coaches like Kapi sharing their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with this crucial age group.