The U12 program is the last age grade of co-ed rugby.  In fact, CW is working on streaming off the girls at this age group on occasions during the season, with the ultimate goal of forming girl's rugby for this age group. Special attention is given to new players who may be joining experienced youngsters who have had 2/3 years with the game.  Confidence in contact is critical at this age level and much attention is given to this component.  Games become much more structured however all of the rugby components are still not included.  Teams play in Jamborees hosted by clubs and sometimes this necessitates travel up Island or to Vancouver as players become exposed to competition and some of the social aspects unique to rugby. At CW we believe we have given players a good base on which to move on to age grade rugby, through our Mini Rugby program.


The registration system generates a receipt providing a dues breakdown.  The following are the Mini rugby categories and fees for the 2018/2019 Season;

Under 6/8 (b&g) - born 2010, 2011, 2012 ($170)

Under 10/11 (b&g) - born 2008, 2009. ($200)

Under 12 (b&g) - born 2007. ($200)

Players can be registered HERE