Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

Wednesday's Ruck & Maul

Past President, The Don, up in the air about filling the room for dinner on 7th April!  Let’s get Don back on the ground!  You can book your tables of ten, couples tickets or single seat HERE.

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WANTED – a big time benefactor!!  This was item was picked up from the coach’s communique to players this week; “Training will now start at 6:15. We've had to make the change, as we no longer have access to the training side of the field. We will now be on the main pitch at Windsor. We will save time as we will no longer have to bring out the lights. We will have to bring over bags, balls, cones, etc. from the shed.”

Our men and women train on the same very restricted area near the Rose Garden at Windsor.  Each night a generator has to be dragged out of its storage area and portable lights set up to add to the four permanent lights on site.  The club has access to the running track field behind OBHS, a field owned by SD #61 HOWEVER, we need lights!  Any sugar daddy benefactor/s out there?  At least can we ask the thought of leaving any amount in your legacy to the club!

Players’ dues cover about 25% of operating costs; we run four senior teams and both numbers and costs are always an issue.  Stewardship of funds has been carefully undertaken by certified accountant and past Treasurer, Brett Jackson and last year carried on by Jason Lewis, also a money manager.  At the recent AGM we added four players to the Board who will realise the work and commitment it takes to make the club GO.  We ask you to support our Annual Fundraiser which takes place on Saturday 7th, the goal being to raise funds for the general operating expenses which keeps the club functioning.

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Wednesday's Ruck & Maul - Image 2 CW Rugby also celebrates its fifth birthday next week!  This is our fifth year with host Company  Squareflo has been a wonderful host Company, providing immediate assistance and guidance and we have an extremely symbiotic partnership with them.  To anyone out there thinking about launching a site and looking for a host provider, we recommend you contact SQUAREFLO.


BURGE MEMORIAL GATHERING.  Finally, a reminder that a Celebration of Don Burgess life will take place on Sunday 8th April at Uplands Golf Club, commencing at 2:00 p.m.


For those unable to attend our Dinner, yet might like to place a bid on Open Auction items, we will have details before week’s end.  Yes, and apologies, this blog IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!  (For past players who might wish to sponsor a player, please ).  Go, CW!